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Topic Overviews - 20 Random Questions

Atoms and the Periodic Table

Calculations in Chemistry

Separating Mixtures

Bonding Models

Acids and Alkalis

Energy Changes and Rates of Reaction

Hydrocarbons and Cracking

Atoms and The Periodic Table

Atomic Structure Quiz




Understanding the Periodic Table Quiz



Most Common Element Symbols Quiz



Top 50 Element Symbols Quiz

Groups in the Periodic Table Quiz

Calculations in Chemistry

Relative Atomic Mass and Relative Formula Mass Quiz


Moles Quiz


Molecular and Empirical Formulae Quiz



Concentrations of Solutions Quiz



Conservation of Mass Quiz




Separating Mixtures

States of Matter Quiz



Elements, Compounds and Mixtures Quiz


Filtration and Crystallisation Quiz

Paper Chromatography Quiz

Distillation Quiz


Materials Bonding - Bonding Models

Ionic Bonding Quiz



Covalent Bonding Quiz


Metallic Bonding Quiz


Acids and Alkalis

The Basics Quiz



Neutralisation Reactions Quiz


Solubility Quiz

Reactions of Acids Quiz

Energy Changes and Rates of Reaction

Exothermic and Endothermic Reactions Quiz


Rates of Reaction Quiz




Dynamic Equilibrium Quiz



The Atmosphere and Climate Change

The Atmosphere and Climate Change Quiz

Electrolysis and Reactivity

Electrolysis Quiz

The Reactivity Series Quiz

Obtaining and Using Metals Quiz

Hydrocarbons and Cracking

Hydrocarbons and Fractional Distillation Quiz

Alkanes and Cracking Quiz


Combustion and Pollution Quiz


Chemical Equations

Balancing Chemical Equations Quiz

Life Cycle Assessment and Recycling

Life Cycle Assessment and Recycling Quiz

Revise with GCSE Chemistry Quizzes

Our science tutors have made these GCSE chemistry quizzes to help you revise effectively for your exams. These quizzes are applicable to all major exam boards, including AQA, Edexcel and OCR. If any sections are not relevant to your course, this will be highlighted in the description below each quiz.

The quizzes range from short with 10 or fewer questions to longer and more in-depth where a topic is more complex. Our goal is to create GCSE chemistry quizzes that cover entirely the curriculum for every major exam board. Quizzes currently range over topics from atomic structure all the way to energy changes and rates of reaction.

Quizzes are a great way to memorise lots of material, a process which would normally be boring. However, with our quizzes, you can turn your learning into a game and pass the time without pulling your hair out.

Quizzes use active recall to solidify the information in your brain, as you repeat them, the information is accessed each time and it becomes easier to recall the information in the future. This process is used in some of the toughest professions to learn their field, for example, doctors and nurses need to memorise vast amounts of information, and active recall is one strategy they can employ.

Keep watching as we continue to add new quizzes and features and good luck on your chemistry adventure.

GCSE chemistry quiz

What is Chemistry?

So what is chemistry? Chemistry is the study of matter, including its behaviour and characteristics. It is the study of all types of substances, including natural elements and compounds, atoms, molecules, and ions. Try out our GCSE Chemistry Quiz to see how well you’re doing with your revision. 

As you probably already know, chemistry deals with everything around us. From cooking to cleaning detergents, medicines to diluting squash, chemistry is everywhere.  You can break down nearly anything into its chemical building blocks and understand how it reacts with other objects and with our environment. 

Why is Chemistry Interesting?

Besides being a great brain exercise, studying chemistry is an excellent way to enter a variety of careers. It has broad applications in many industries, including agriculture, manufacturing, medicine and more. 

Basic knowledge of physics and chemistry allows us to create amazing things with common materials. In a simple home project utilising chemistry, we can make substances change their states, and we can create convection currents and see them in action. Chemistry is truly a fascinating subject and the more you learn the more you will agree. 

These online chemistry quizzes provide questions and answers in multiple-choice form as well as enter your answer. No need for a PDF.

Why is Chemistry Relevent to our Lives?

While the subatomic domain of chemistry may seem purely theoretical and therefore irrelevant, it is a vital part of everyday life. It allows us to study the properties and the laws of atoms. Those properties, when applied correctly, can create wonderful objects. But chemistry is not just about creating beautiful and highly functional molecules. It can also be an integral part of human progress or a tool to counteract our mistakes. By studying chemistry, we can improve our environment in untold ways, from the basics of cleaning up water sources to potential geoengineering projects using the incredible properties of fullerenes. 

So why not learn more about chemistry with a GCSE chemistry quiz? Good luck and if you think you could do with a helping hand consider reaching out to Discover Tutoring to hear more about our services.