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Online GCSE Tutoring Services
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Online GCSE & KS3 Tutoring Services

We help students of all ability levels to improve their grades by giving them the tools they need to learn more effectively. 

Most teachers just rush through the material, PowerPoint style and leave the student no better off than before. We go the extra mile and engage students, ask questions, encourage them to draw their own conclusions and test to see if they really do understand before moving on. 

We teach students how to read exam papers, what to look out for and what examiners are really looking for. No more guesswork, we give students the intuition they need to improve their grades.

Discover Tutoring offers to turn around your child’s education and get them on the right track. 

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Competitive Prices

For £30.00 Per Hour, you get quality tuition and dedicated tutors.

Fast Results

Your Tutor’s sessions will improve grades quickly, turning things around over the course of a school year.

Enhanced DBS

Your Tutor has an Enhanced DBS check ensuring that students are safe and sound.

Inquiry-Based Learning

Your Tutor uses inquiry-based learning to keep students curious and maintain their attention.

What is Inquiry Based Learning?

Inquiry-based learning is an approach to teaching that connects experts with students but in a flipped way, where students are expected to contribute more to sessions than they normally would. Students might be asked questions and together the teacher and student can discuss the question to understand more deeply what the implications of the answers are. The goal is to engage students in a way that normal teaching does not achieve and for students to gain curiosity in the subject matter. Curiosity is an internal feeling which drives us to explore and learn and this is what students should feel when studying a new topic. Higher levels of curiosity have also been linked to increased attention which leads to improvements in information retention and memory. If you want to find out more about how curiosity, attention and memory affect learning, Contact us and we can direct you to the relevant research.

Why do we Teach Inquiry Based Learning?

We use inquiry-based learning as an introduction to a new way of doing things. We aim to provide a different experience where we can help students to learn about what they are interested in. Any subject can be made exciting through the correct approach and conversely, the most interesting subject can be made boring by traditional you listen, I talk teaching. We believe that inquiry-based learning can also be used as a tool for assessment whereby a students progression can be tracked through their ability to understand, interpret and use logic to communicate their ideas. We provide regular updates on students’ progress and through sessions with us you can expect not only an improvement in grades but also an increase in confidence across the board. Communication is key and inquiry-based learning is unrivalled in its ability to engage and promote active interactions with students. If you want to find out more about how we can help students, Contact us now.



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