GCSE Physics Quizzes

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Forces and Motion

Topic Overview – Forces and Motion

Scalars and Vectors Quiz

Newton’s Laws Quiz

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Waves and The Electromagnetic Spectrum

Topic Overview – Waves and the Electromagnetic Spectrum

Waves Quiz

Electromagnetic Spectrum Quiz

Uses and Dangers of the Electromagnetic Spectrum Quiz

Energy Sources, Stores and Transfers

Topic Overview – Energy Stores, Transfers and Resources

Energy Stores and Transfers Quiz

Renewable and Non-Renewable Energy Resources Quiz

Pros and Cons of Energy Resources Quiz


Topic Overview – Radioactivity

Atomic Models

Atomic Structure

Types of Radiation

Background Radiation Quiz

Electricity, Circuits and Components

Topic Overview – Electricity, Circuits and Components

Electricity and Circuits Quiz

Component Symbols Quiz

Function of Components Quiz

Magnetism and Electromagnetism

Topic Overview – Magnetism and Electromagnetism

Magnets and Magnetic Fields Quiz

Electromagnetism and Magnetic Forces Quiz

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Particle Theory and Density

Topic Overview – Particle Theory and Destiny

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Energy and Work

Topic Overview – Energy and Work

Work Done and Power

Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!

GCSE Physics Quizzes aim to help you with your revision whilst keeping you from getting too bored! Procrastination is our worst enemy and quizzes can help you to make progress when you’re struggling to revise.

What is Physics?

Physics is a mode and field of scientific research that attempts to uncover the nature of the fundamental particles. Additionally, this field looks to understand the motion of particles, their interactions and their transformations into energy. It could be considered to be the baseline of all science since it deals with the stuff of the universe, matter and energy. To put it simply, physics focuses on just how the universe behaves and develops with time, with the objective to address the question, “just how does the universe work? “. 

Where did Physics come from?

GCSE Physics Quiz

Physics was originally developed by the early thinkers of the World who called themselves Natural Philosophers, one of the earliest and most famous being Aristotle, a student of Plato, who himself was a student of the legendary Socrates. Physics was born out of philosophy and the attempt to apply logic to understand the physical nature of our surroundings.

What else does Physics provide for us?

Physicists have a substantial influence on other fields of study and also the evolution of history. Not only does this branch of science give a theoretical framework to examine the world, but it also provides the tools to mess around with it! It is very important to understand the basics of physics because these principles are the basis of every innovation. Additionally, it has enabled us to understand the great geological forces which shape our world. This knowledge is vital for predicting as well as minimising natural disasters alongside long term planning to deal with the consequences of climate change, both natural and anthropogenic.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our GCSE Physics Quizzes! Need extra support in physics? Consider an online tutor!

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