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Why Study Science With Discover Tutoring

Science is the foundation of modern technology and we all underestimate its influence on our day-to-day lives. Without science, we wouldn’t have cars, we wouldn’t have laptops or smartphones. Without science, we wouldn’t even have fridges or washing machines. All of these innovations were based on hundreds of years of research into physics and chemistry. If a student says “why should I study science?” it indicates a failure of teachers and schools to explain the purpose of going to school. Students should be taught to be inquisitive about the world around them and ask questions that nobody asks. Young children do this regularly. They might ask things like “why is the sky blue?” or “why is the sea salty but lakes and rivers aren’t?”. These are the kinds of questions that are asked by someone who is curious about the world around them.

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Here at Discover Tutoring, we continue to ask these questions. We stoke the fire of imagination inside students and inspire them to learn about the world. Whether or not a student is interested in science, it is possible to engage them. There are questions that once asked cannot be left alone. For example, “why is there wind?”.

A question that nobody ever asks can lead to the most fascinating discussion which can help students to understand topics such as energy systems, climate science, astronomy and the periodic table of elements to mention but a few. Science is full of examples of exciting and wondrous phenomena and when studying, students should have the same experience. After all, students who are driven by curiosity, are engaged and ready to learn, inevitably perform the best.

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