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This quiz contains questions from the Paper Chromatography Quiz, the Distillation Quiz and the Filtration and Crystallisation Quiz. It will present 20 new questions each time randomly drawn from the three quizzes, alongside a few extras from the Elements, Compounds and Mixtures Quiz.

How to Separate Salt and Sand

When salt and sand have been mixed together in a beaker it is possible to separate the mixture using filtration, followed by crystallisation. First, you will have to add water to the mixture and stir it to dissolve the water using a stirring rod. Then the salt will have dissolved and a piece of filter paper should be prepared and placed into a funnel. The funnel can then be placed into another beaker and the sand and salt solution should be carefully poured into the funnel. The water and salt solution will slowly drain through the filter paper into the beaker. The sand will stay in the filter paper as it is insoluble and cannot fit through the holes in the paper. The sand is then known as the residue. The salt since it is soluble and dissolved in the water will go through the filter paper. Now we have separated the sand from the salt, but now we need to separate the water from the salt. To do this we will use a different process, known as crystallisation. 

It is possible to simply leave the beaker containing the salt and water solution until the water evaporates away through the process of evaporation. If we need the salt sooner we can use heat and boil away the water. To do this we will need a heatproof mat, a bunsen burner a gauze, a tripod and an evaporating basin. 

Place the heatproof mat on a counter and then place the bunsen burner on top of it. Place the tripod over the bunsen burner and the gauze on top of the tripod. The salt and water solution should then be poured into an evaporating basin. A beaker containing water should be placed on top of the gauze with the evaporating basin on top of the beaker. When this setup is ready the bunsen burner should be turned on to a blue flame in order to heat the beaker of water. The water in the beaker will heat the solution until the water evaporates away, leaving crystals of salt. 

There is a risk of spitting from the solution when it is nearly dry so the heat should be removed before the water in the solution is fully evaporated. 

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Separating sand and salt

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