A Level Environmental Science Tuition

Take environmental science to the next level

We specialise in Environmental Science with our head tutor having a First Class Undergraduate Degree in Environmental Science and a Distinction Level Masters Degree in Marine Biology. 

If you are looking to gain skills in writing and improve your grades in Environmental Studies at A level we can help you. 

Environmental science is a broad collection of sciences including some aspects of biology, chemistry and physics as well as social sciences such as sociology. At Discover Tutoring we have a passion for the environment and like to pass on our experience to students who share our excitement for and interest in the environmental sciences. 

We use an approach to tutoring which is sometimes called Inquiry Based Learning that focusses heavily on the interaction between tutor and student. Our sessions usually involve discussion and back-and-forth questioning between student and tutor to gain the most out of the interaction. Students will gain an appreciation for the methodology used to get the highest grades at A Level and beyond. 

Long answer writing practice and short answer questions are both targeted both through knowledge acquisition and writing practice. We use a popular program called Anki which is a spaced repetition software to aid in learning the most accurate way to answer questions and also building a good background from which to answer novel questions.

Past paper practice is used to help students remember common themes in exams and identify likely questions to arise in future exams. The tutor will support the student in correctly and accurately marking past papers, pointing out the most essential learnings from each question.

We have a methodology for answering long answer questions that we will teach and helps students to full answer the question and extract the most marks out of every question. Even when a student does not have the full knowledge required to gain all of the available marks, through careful analysis of the question itself, students will learn that easy to gain marks are everywhere.

We thoroughly understand the material as identified in the exam board specification and so we are able to avoid wasting any time on irrelevant material. This allows our sessions to have excellent value for time and money. We efficiently go through the required material with a student, monitoring their improvement all along the way.

If you would like to contact us please fill in the form or contact us at admin@discovertutoring.co.uk or call on 07443 825755.

We wish you all the best.