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Often seen as a difficult subject, chemistry is foundational to our understanding of fields such as material science and even the development of medicines! In 1869, the visionary chemist Dimitri Mendeleev created the precursor to today’s periodic table. He discovered patterns in the elements that drew him to conclude that new and as of yet undiscovered elements must exist.

The story of Mendeleev is an interesting tale of scientific discovery that is a great place to begin a student’s entry into the world of chemistry. It leads through a web of interconnected teachings that combine to form a cohesive base from which a student can understand the principles of chemistry and by extension, biology and even engineering. A student will go through a journey alongside an engaging and enthusiastic tutor which will answer questions like “where do elements come from?” and “why is steel hard not soft?. This journey will take a student from the inside of stars to the heart of atoms and will bring context to the relationship between the sciences. Chemistry, physics and biology are after all interconnected and laying the groundwork in one field pays dividends in another.

Our tutors make it their mission to inspire students and initiate their interest in the sciences through an exciting and entertaining process of learning. Students who have no interest in chemistry will be delighted to find that not all education has to be boring, and not all science has to be learned from a textbook.

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