Safeguarding Policy

  1. All tutoring is to take place online (remotely) so as to avoid any personal and property risk on the part of the student and the tutor. 
  2. Tutors should never meet face-to-face with students or parents/guardians, unless absolutely necessary and only after it has been agreed by Discover Tutoring. 
  3. All tutors are required to have an up-to-date Enhanced DBS Check before any sessions take place. 
  4. All tutors will have a level of education/qualifications or experience that will allow them to fulfil the services expected of them to an appropriate level. 
  5. All tutors have been ID checked to ensure their identity matches with their DBS and qualifications. 
  6. All communication with students should take place during the organised sessions. 
  7. Any communication which needs to take place outside of organised sessions will go through the parent/guardian of the student. 
  8. Tutors will respect the student and parent/guardian’s right to privacy, religious beliefs etc. and will not pressure a student to have their camera on during a session. 
  9. Tutors will be aware of and act appropriately in the case of a student’s anxiety or other emotional, physical or psychological issues that may affect tutoring. 
  10. Tutors will act in a professional manner during and outside of sessions, this will include the prohibition of any inappropriate actions, comments or otherwise inappropriate behaviour which could bring physical or emotional harm to a student, parent or guardian. 
  11. Where a tutor is concerned about the wellbeing of a student, they will in the first instance contact their supervisor at Discover Tutoring, unless the context suggests that more urgent action is required. In these extreme cases, a tutor will call the police or another appropriate body, e.g. NSPCC. 
  12. Parents/guardians are encouraged to participate actively in the tutoring process by discussing progress with students and sharing any potential issues with the tutor or directly with Discover Tutoring, where appropriate.