Homeschooling Services - Tutoring and Guidance

We provide discounted daytime tutoring services and guidance for homeschooling.


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Advice and Guidance

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Tutoring Sessions for Just £15! That's half price for sessions before 3pm!

How can Discover Tutoring Help me?

We understand how difficult it is to support children with their schooling at home. We can help to relieve the pressure on you by providing structured tuition services at discounted rates during daytime hours.

We can also help you with a whole bunch of other administrative tasks you will be dealing with as a homeschooler:

  • Timetabling and lesson planning
  • Exam scheduling and organisation
  • Exam preparation
  • Guidance on approaches to teaching
  • How to keep children focussed
  • Goal setting and progress tracking

One day your kids will also leave school and need to find their direction in life, we can help to:

  • Provide guidance on careers and opportunities
  • Further study directions
  • Planning for university
  • And more!

Why Choose Discover Tutoring?

We have experience in education all the way to the postgraduate level as well as insights into diverse fields of life. Since we are lifelong learners with broad interests in culture, history, science and beyond, we are able to provide a different perspective which can help to drive students towards success, no matter what they wish to achieve. 

Our speciality is in science and we are experts in structured and unstructured learning approaches. This means we take a flexible approach towards learning, allowing us to teach subjects to all kinds of students. Many students struggle to remember key information, we are able to find a way to help these students to progress in their education. 

Homeschooling Guidance and Advice

We will discuss your needs and find a solution to your problems. Are you struggling to keep up with the number of lessons and subjects they learn?

We can help to organise your time and find ways to give you a break whilst keeping your children focussed and learning.

We can design bespoke timetables and revision plans to suit your needs, depending on the age and ability of the students. Need one-off help? We can support that! Need ongoing support with several subjects? We can help there too.

Contact us on the form above or give us a call using the number at the top of the page. Alternatively, you can email us directly at