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What is the price of a 1-hour session?

Each 1-hour session costs £40. 

Please see our article How Much is GCSE Tutoring for more information. 

Why should I trust Discover Tutoring?

Your tutor is a dedicated professional with an excellent academic record. They are passionate about education and have experience in teaching which helps to provide the best possible service.  See our Safeguarding Policy.

Your tutor has an Enhanced DBS Check which is kept up to date.

Sessions with Discover Tutoring are exclusively online, giving peace of mind to both your tutor and parents/guardians.

Your tutor will only communicate with parents/guardians, limiting contact with children to the duration of sessions.

Parents/guardians are welcome to be present during sessions and your tutor is happy to answer any of your questions outside of sessions.

Who is my tutor?

Your tutor is an enthusiastic and capable communicator equipped with a masters degree-level education and experience in the field of education. Tutors may vary between fields in order to provide the best possible service, but you can be sure that your tutor is well-equipped to teach and guide students to better grades.

Your science tutor has a strong sense of responsibility to take care of the natural environment and seeks to empower young minds to seek careers in the fields of science.

Your maths tutor is dedicated to improving the abilities of students in the field of mathematics, no matter how difficult a student finds it.

Why is maths important?

Mathematics is the language of science, with nearly all scientific research utilising a degree of maths along a continuum. All science disciplines rely to some extent on statistics which is a branch of mathematics that uses the power of numerical data to draw conclusions about the world around us. Some sciences such as physics are almost completely maths-based with the forefront of theoretical physics being nearly incomprehensible to those without a strong mathematical background. Studying maths and physics?

What can you do with maths and science skills apart from an academic career?

Knowledge and understanding of the world, along with the skills of scientific endeavour can provide an ability for problem-solving which is completely transferable to the workplace. Employers are looking for flexible workers who can think independently and come up with their own ideas. A strong foundation in science can show a potential employer that you are ready to work and capable of learning whatever it takes to complete the role to a high standard.

What should I expect from sessions with Discover Tutoring?

Your tutor will provide thoughtful, personalised and engaging online sessions, aimed at passing exams and encouraging independent learning. A typical student may expect to improve their grades over the course of a year with the more sessions undertaken, the greater the impact. 

Your tutor will use a variety of resources in a modern fashion to teach and revise concepts in preparation for exams. In some cases, students may need help with remembering key information. This is a core competency of your tutor who has experience with memorisation and can show students how they can remember dense amounts of information. 

In other cases, the student may be struggling to understand concepts and ideas. This is where a flexible approach by your tutor will make a difference and one-on-one tutoring shines. Students often struggle to grasp complex ideas when there are 25 or more students in the room, chatting, fidgeting and distracting each other. Teachers have no way to spend the time needed to help students on an individual basis and that is where your tutor can help.

How many sessions will make a difference to a student’s grades?

In general, it is recommended to have at least one session per week in order to review each topic covered in class. Repeating topics is one of the most basic and effective ways to remember information and understanding it is even more important for memorisation. 

One session every other week will be beneficial as well, particularly for KS3 students but as the information gets more complex, more time is needed to make a difference. 

Why are sessions with Discover Tutoring exclusively online?

Discover Tutoring operates exclusively online for two principal reasons.

Number 1. Safety of your tutor and the student.

By maintaining only indirect contact, we are able to keep students and their tutors safe in these uncertain times. Also, there is always the possibility of changes in government guidelines and online tuition avoids the unfortunate risk of disruption to students’ learning. In the modern era, there is no need for tutors to be travelling to houses around a city in order to provide tuition. Tutors who do so are put at risk of incidents on the road and also in the homes of unfamiliar persons. We do not expect our customers to be hostile, but there are always risks that are completely avoided by keeping things exclusively online. Property risk is another factor that is avoided with online tutoring. Incidents involving accidental damage, although unlikely is not impossible and Discover Tutoring takes pride in reducing risk for both you and your tutor.

Number 2. Quality of tuition.

Discover Tutoring believes that the quality of tutoring online rivals that of in-person tuition and may even exceed it. Today we have an unprecedented amount of technological options to support online tuition, including basics such as video conferencing software as well as more advanced and specialist education software. By maintaining a consistent and comfortable environment for your tutor, they are able to build the most effective strategies to help students and in the end, achieve the best possible results. Today internet speeds are much faster and connections are more stable than ever before, increasing the suitability of online tuition.

If you have any more questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us by email, text or phone.

What is the long answer writing practice?

Once per week, a new question will be available to answer in a long format, open-book style. These questions are unique and written by our science tutors to reflect the challenges of long answer questions in science.

After submitting an answer, a science tutor will mark and provide detailed feedback on the work.

From this course students should gain improvements in the following areas:

  • General writing skills
  • Accuracy and vocabulary choices
  • Clarity of expression
  • Conciseness

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at admin@discovertutoring.co.uk

How can I get in touch with Discover Tutoring for more information?

Your tutor is just a phone call, text or email away and aims to respond within 12 hours to any requests. 


07443 825755

Alternatively, you can use the contact forms on the Science or Maths pages.