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What is Physics?

Physics is a science that studies the fundamental particles of matter, their motion and how they change over time and throughout space. It is considered the most fundamental scientific discipline, underpinning all other sciences since all objects and processes involve matter and energy. In other words, physics focuses on how the universe behaves and evolves over time, with the aim to answer the question, “how does the universe work? “.

Why is Physics Useful?

The field of physics continues to expand and in addition to understanding how the universe works, physicists have a considerable impact on environmental sciences. This branch of science provides a theoretical framework to investigate the world. Further, physics has greatly influenced the environment itself, through its relationship with engineering. The skills and knowledge required to understand physics are applicable far beyond science and often if you’re looking to fill a role in the business world, a physicist may be the best choice.

What else does Physics do for us?

GCSE Physics Quiz

It’s important to understand the fundamentals of physics since these principles are the basis of every technology. It’s also essential for the study of the earth’s atmosphere, the solar system, and the human body. This knowledge is invaluable in the field of environmental protection, and it’s essential for predicting and mitigating natural disasters. For example, the Earth’s surface is a reflection of the ground underneath it, and the movement of the Earth’s crust can cause devastating tsunamis. While it’s impossible to predict the exact impact of an earthquake, physics can be used to model and simulate the resulting waves and effects.

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