Magnets and Magnetic Fields Quiz

What do you know about magnets?

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Magnet Uses

What do we use magnets for? Magnets are actually very useful and used in a variety of devices and processes. A good example is for separating cans and tins from other recycling at processing facilities, often using electromagnets. The shift to electric vehicles is also meaning more electric motors where magnets are common. A similar device although turning in a different direction and generating electricity are generators. Loudspeakers also feature magnets and so do many other electrical devices. Of course, they are also simply used to attract things like fridge magnets and holding doors closed or open. 

Magnets are also useful for navigation and for centuries compasses that contain very small magnets were used to guide sailors and travellers. Plotting compasses are also a handy tool for finding the shape of magnetic fields where the lines show how a north pole would move. Lines are usually shown to be closer together where the magnetic field is the strongest. Evidence of Earth’s magnetic core is also given by compasses that point towards the north pole which means that Earth is one giant magnet.

Which Metals are Magnetic?

Some metals are attracted to magnets and these metals are considered to be magnetic. Magnetic metals include the metals iron, nickel and cobalt as well as many alloys which contain these metals such as steel, a combination of iron and carbon. Other metals are somewhat attracted to magnets but are not considered magnetic.