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Why Study Physics With Discover Tutoring?

In essence, physics is the study of the basic features of the universe, matter and energy. This means that by extension, every scientific discipline is built upon physics and in principle, it is possible to describe any phenomenon, physical, chemical or biological using physics.

Discover tutoring’s approach is to delve deep into the most interesting topics to build an appreciation and robust interest in physics. Once such an interest has been crafted, it is easy to link back to it and drive enthusiasm for other topics. Enthusiasm, after all, is a powerful tool for memorisation which is key for the maths dominated subject of physics.  Additionally, enthusiasm is a motivational tool of excellent tutors who use it to push through the hard work and harness the energy of students to achieve high-level performance. 

Astronomy is a good example of this process as it is a topic that makes the mind hungry for more. Learning the hierarchy of objects, from planets, stars, galaxies and beyond, opens a student’s eyes to endless possibilities in the Universe. Linking the


concepts of Astronomy to chemistry and biology then drives home the purpose of understanding physics. We ask deep questions which make a student curious and promote independent thinking. We know our job is done when students start asking themselves these questions. Often the difference between a successful student and an unsuccessful one is the connection with a good teacher. A good teacher is able to understand students needs and speak their language. Discover tutoring aims to employ flexible and modern strategies to connect with students and make a difference in their education. 

Maybe you’re unsure if your child needs physics tutoring? Why not have them try our GCSE Physics Quiz and see how they perform? You can also use our GCSE Physics Quizzes on all topics free of charge.

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