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What are electrical components?

Electrical components are devices that are part of a circuit that perform particular roles. Some components are essential for maintaining the required conditions in a circuit whereas others are actually the main device for which the circuit exists to power. Yet others are designed to inspect circuits and ensure that there are no safety risks or risks to the health of components.

Why do we need component symbols?

Component symbols are essential for the planning of circuits and also for developing a basic and more in-depth understanding of circuits and electricity. Without component symbols, we would not be able to effectively draw and plan circuits and explain to others which kind of circuits are required for certain operations. These symbols are mostly a form of internationally recognised communication, acting as a language on their own. This universality can be useful for making sure that different countries can collaborate on international projects effectively and safely.

Why do we need components and how do they impact our lives?

Basic components also exist to ensure the effective operation and safety of circuits, such as the simple switch which can be opened and closed in order to control the flow of electricity through a circuit. We are all very familiar with these as we press them multiple times a day when turning on or off lights in a room. Transistors which are the basis of modern computing are actually microscopic switches that open and close circuits to generate the series of 0’s and 1’s which power most of modern society.

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