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Vectors and Scalars

Scalar quantities and vector quantities measure different aspects of the world, including forces as well as less tangible aspects such as energy and time. Scalars only have one part which is the magnitude or put simply amount.

Is Weight a Vector?

Mass is a scalar quantity that measures the amount of matter in a certain volume or how many atoms there are. Weight on the other hand is a vector quantity. Vector quantities measure two things, the magnitude (amount) as well as the direction that the quantity is acting towards. To continue with the example of weight, it is a force that acts in a certain direction i.e. towards the centre of the Earth and is based on how much mass an object has.

Is Momentum Scalar or Vector?

Momentum is a vector quantity because it takes into account both mass and velocity. Objects have momentum when they are in motion and motion is always in a certain direction. Even spinning in place is a form of motion with constantly changing directions. Acceleration is another vector quantity that takes into account a magnitude as well as a direction. An object which is accelerating in a certain direction will gain a certain amount of velocity, which is itself a vector quantity being composed of speed and direction. 

Understanding the difference between scalar and vector quantities can help us to visualise what is happening in the world and make sense of motion, forces and energy. This is just one of the many tools of physics which we use to examine objects and make links between concepts. 

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