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Why Study Combined Science with Discover Tutoring

Science is the systematic study of the natural world through experiment, observation and reasoning. Science is an iterative process with the lessons of the past forming the bedrock of the future, with the goal of heading progressively towards true understanding. 

Here at Discover Tutoring, we love science. We’ve spent nearly two decades learning about diverse topics across the major fields of biology, chemistry and physics and we are hungry for more. Our passion for science is palpable and students see this and wonder why.

We aim to demonstrate through the course of our sessions why we believe that science is the most wondrous and important pursuit of humanity. From the experience of Discover Tutoring, those teachers who still feel excitement when teaching science are most capable of driving excellent performance. We believe that great teachers are passionate and this gives a sense of importance to students, who in turn, listen, engage and remember concepts to the best of their ability. 

Students who study combined science with Discover Tutoring will be provided with a background in science which will give them the best chance at their GSCE. Whether the exam board is AQA, Edexcel or OCR, we will adapt the course to provide the most relevant and effective tutoring.

Our approach involves a modern mixture of activities and lots and lots of questions. Additionally, we use software tools that are diligently crafted and specific to the exam boards so that there is no time wasted. From our extensive understanding of science built over many years, we are able to explain topics from the mountains to the seas to the cold dusty deserts of Mars. After all, we are scientists.

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