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Why Study Biology with Discover Tutoring

Biology is the study of living organisms and their interactions which create fascinating stories of natural beauty. Through the process of evolution by natural selection, the natural world has created the most complex system that we have discovered to date in the entire Universe; the human brain. 

Biology is the speciality of Discover Tutoring and our passion for understanding life’s enterprise is stronger than ever. We have a strong background in biology which allows our students an opportunity to ask questions beyond the curriculum. It is commonplace for teachers at schools to be asked questions that, if answered, could help a student understand the broader context behind what they are learning.

The worst possible answer to a student’s question of “Why is this the case?”, is “You don’t need to know” or “It doesn’t matter”. Discover Tutoring will always make an effort to explain why things are important because it gives an appreciation for science that best drives students towards successful learning.

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Feeding the scientific hunger students have rather than shutting it down could be the difference between a student going on to become a distinguished scientist or them calling it a day on their academic career. 

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Discover Tutoring’s approach to teaching is tailored to the student and their interests. A benefit of one-on-one sessions is that a tutor can be flexible and go through things at varying paces. We aim to keep students engaged by tackling each topic with flexibility and we employ regular testing to keep students on track. Boredom comes quickly when we are not challenged and we aim to maintain students’ attention and make the most out of each session.  

If you want to learn more about our tutoring approach and why we believe it is the best strategy, contact us on the form above.

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