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Why Study Maths and Physics with Discover Tutoring?

Mathematics and physics are intertwined in their attempts to use numbers to explain the world. In maths, concepts are dreamed up and understood with precision long before they are applied to the fields of engineering and computer science.

In physics, an object or process is discovered which needs to be explained with the same precision which only mathematics can provide. It is these largely similar exercises of understanding concepts and explaining them without ambiguity, whether real or imaginary, that bring maths and physics together. 

Here at Discover Tutoring, we aim to nurture the mathematical abilities of students and push them to achieve their best. Likewise, students who are struggling and may need a helping hand are encouraged just the same. Each and every one of us is capable of understanding highly complex mathematics, and the secret is in the journey.

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The trick is to build in complexity over time. Start with the basics, add in more concepts and then link them together to provide the student with a network of tools and understanding that can be applied to new problems. The wonderful thing is that all of the lessons learned in maths, provide a head start in physics. As an example, all of the tools and knowledge are in place at the end of KS3 maths to understand the most famous equation in science: E = MC².

This equation describes the relationship between mass and energy and when students understand this equation they gain an appreciation for physics which will inspire them to learn more and perhaps, one day, become the next Albert Einstein.

If you want to learn more about our tutoring approach and why we believe it is the best strategy, contact us on the form above. 

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