Edexcel GCSE Chemistry Paper 1

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Edexcel Chemistry Paper 1

In this paper, knowledge of the various states of matter as well as the ways to separate materials from each other. This includes an introduction to the concepts of elements, compounds and mixtures. The overarching goal of this paper is for students to achieve a level of chemical literacy that will serve them throughout life and during A-level studies. 

In SC3, students are tested on the structure of atoms as well as what makes an element unique and also the isotopes that exist in nature. SC4 links SC3 with an understanding of the Periodic Table and electronic configurations. SC5, SC6 and SC8 ask students about how various chemicals bond and how this is related to their properties and characteristics. SC8 quizzes students on their knowledge of acids and alkalis including the basics and more in-depth topics like neutralisation. SC9 tests students’ ability to carry out accurate calculations involving masses. SC10, SC11, SC12 and SC13 are an extension of the materials science section whereby students are asked to explain the process of electrolysis, how metals are obtained and used and also how reversible reactions take place. The final topics, SC14, SC15 and SC16 aim to test for quantitative analysis skills and understanding of dynamic equilibria and how fuel cells work. 

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