GCSE Edexcel Biology Paper 1

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What is in Edexcel Biology Paper 1?

In this paper, students are assessed on their familiarity with the material of Biology Paper 1. The difference between combined science biology and this paper is extra topics that are assessed on top of the other material. These topics include testing of food and also a food testing practical in the first module. The paper still aims to cover the fundamentals of biology as well as broadly half of the biology curriculum. After students pass this exam they should be prepared to move on to further study in any of the sciences as well as physical education. Students should also be equipped with some knowledge to help them navigate the world safely and securely. 

In SB2 the important topics of cell growth, as well as the nervous system, the brain and the eyes, are covered. SB3 quizzes students on genetics and in particular, DNA, sexual and asexual reproduction and inheritance. These topics are further examined with reference to alleles, gene mutation and variation among populations. SB4 continues on from SB3 with testing of the student’s understanding of evolution and natural selection, alongside the approaches of selective breeding and genetic modification. SB5 shifts gears to assess the student on their knowledge of health and disease. This module covers different types of disease and modes of transmission, potential treatments and their pros and cons, and also the role of the immune system.  If you want to see the next paper, try it here – Edexcel Biology Paper 2.