Edexcel Combined Science Paper 6: Physics 2

Mock test. 1 hour and 10 minutes. 60 marks available.

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What does Edexcel Combined Science Paper 6: Physics 2 cover?

Paper 6 covers the remaining material in physics not covered in paper one, there is little overlap between papers unlike in the chemistry and biology papers. Energy, work and forces are at the core of this paper where students are expected to apply the principles of work to other topics. The goal of this paper is to help students to understand the role of energy in the environment and also prepare students for further study. 

CC7 starts with energy and work with CP8 moving on to forces and their effects. Vector diagrams will be used and students will be expected to explain how objects can affect each other. CP9 covers electricity and circuits, touching on a large amount of information such as current, voltage, charge and resistance. Moreover, CP9 assesses students’ knowledge of the way in which energy is transferred and how this relates to power and importantly, electrical safety. CP10 tests for magnetism and the motor effect, meaning how magnets and magnetic fields work as well as electromagnetism. CP11 checks on familiarity with transformers and energy and relates them to previous topics. CP12 covers the particle model and how particles relate to density, how gasses and their temperature are affected by pressure and various energy calculations. Finally, CP13 considers forces and matter, bending and stretching of materials and energy transfers. 

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