Edexcel Combined Science Paper 5: Physics 1

Mock test. 1 hour and 10 minutes. 60 marks available.

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What does Edexcel Combined Science Paper 5: Physics 1 cover?

Paper 5 tests the students’ knowledge of elementary topics in physics such as motion, where students are expected to understand the basic terminology and how to apply it to a range of related concepts and processes. The goal of this paper is to impart knowledge to students which will enable them to understand the world in a way that is intuitive and can keep them safe from various dangers.

CP1 which covers motion checks that students can appropriately use distance/time and velocity/time graphs as well as use the equation for acceleration. CP2 moves on to see if students can recognise resultant forces and use the terms mass and weight, as well as their equations appropriately. Furthermore, CP2 assesses understanding of Newton’s Laws of Motion, momentum and the dangers of rapid deceleration. CP3 checks in on the transition of energy between different stores and states, as well as the ways in which society gains and controls energy, including electricity production. CP4 determines the awareness of waves and how they work, in addition to refraction. CP5 addresses light and the electromagnetic spectrum. Specifically, it looks at the spectrum itself and what it is comprised of as well as the uses of different wavelengths and also the dangers that they represent to humans, without proper safety measures. CP6 which tests for radiation knowledge crosses over with the chemistry papers in the fundamental particles of nature, i.e. atoms and their subatomic constituents. 

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