GCSE Edexcel Biology Paper 2

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What is in Edexcel Biology Paper 2?

This paper has some common elements to paper one which are mainly key concepts such as microscopy and related topics of plant, animal and bacterial cells alongside specialised cells. Also, the key concepts cover enzymes, transporting substances and testing of foods for certain materials such as starch and sugar. The rest of the paper addressed the second half of the course. This qualification aims to equip students with the logical faculties to make good decisions in their lives as well as prepare them for further study. 

SB6 covers plant structures and their functions including photosynthesis and factors that affect photosynthesis. Surrounding materials such as the transportation of mineral ions are also covered. SB7 addresses animal coordination, control and homeostasis which include the actions of hormones, the menstrual cycle and elements of homeostasis – blood glucose and thermoregulation. SB8 tests students on the exchange and transport mechanisms in animals, including the circulatory system, the heart and respiration. Additionally, the topic includes students understanding the factors which affect the diffusion and efficient transport and exchange of materials in animals. SB9 which considers ecosystems and material cycles is a broad topic that tests students on their knowledge of ecological concepts and broader physical processes which allow life to exist on Earth. Key portions of this topic include ecosystems, biotic and abiotic factors, biodiversity, food security and the carbon cycle, water cycle and nitrogen cycle.

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