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What do students need?

Students today need an online English tutor whom they can trust to help them achieve the grade they want and deserve. 

English is a complex topic to study, students need to feel safe, relaxed, and want to learn from their tutor. GCSE English may advocate as an easy subject, it is just English, our language, however, there is so much to learn and so many ways it can be taught. It may just be the case that the way the teacher is teaching the class as a whole may not be the way the student as an individual, needs to learn. As an online tutor, we can understand what the student is struggling with and provide one to one care, learning and support. All students should have every possibility to meet their full potential, and with the recent pandemic many students may not have been able to learn or concentrate as well on their studies, many may have been stuck on a topic and not known who to ask for help. We here at Discover Tutoring will improve the student’s academic performance helping them for the future, whether that is an apprenticeship, A-Levels or a University degree, English is a must in any profession. We aim to help all those that need it, whether they have dyslexia, and struggling to keep up in class, are bilingual and need some clearer explanations and understanding of the language, or you simply want to push your child to get the A grade they deserve. Tutoring also provides the student with other accredited attributes such as the responsibility to take time out to have tutoring, it should be something the student feels proud of, and a sense of accomplishment when something clicks, and they finally understand a topic they have been struggling with.

What can our tutors offer?

Tutors offer time. They allow the student to go at their own pace, giving them the opportunity to think about what they are writing, what they’re reading, what they’re listening to. Tutors offer the chance for the student to feel understood, to have their worries and their confusion lifted off their shoulders and cleared up. As a tutor, we can provide activities, games, resources, and anything that can help the student as an individual. We provide the knowledge needed for their English GCSE and help offer the chance for the student to get their grades higher or keep them as high as possible. Online GCSE English tutoring provides one to one learning helping the students express what they need guidance with. In the present-day, classroom sizes seem to be getting bigger, many students enjoy this, and it is brilliant for students’ social skills. However, some students may feel overwhelmed or anxious in such a large group and thus will prefer one to one learning. We here at Discover Tutoring provide unique one to one learning catered around the student. The individual’s experience is vital and can help the student break down aspects and specialise in specific areas or topics the student needs help with. By having a shared understanding, a safe place they can explain their worries and issues regarding topics in their English GCSE their general attitude for the subject will improve. Our aim is to get students to love learning English rather than feeling overwhelmed by the topic.

What does tutoring look like for English?

English GCSEs are split between English Language and English Literature. Students will get a GCSE grade for both English Language and Literature, thus it is a lot of revision and learning to get them prepared for their exams. Both are very different, and both need different techniques and styles of writing, so, it is up to you if you have an hour of each, or an hour split into two for both topics. Online English tutoring looks like reading, writing, exam practise, spelling tests, online books, possibly films or episodes, games, activities and so much more. Once the GCSE English tutor gets to understand the needs of the student and the topics they are stuck on we can find and use any resources that will help support the student’s learning. 

Literature is studying written texts including novels, poetry, and focuses mainly on Shakespeare, for example, Romeo and Juliet, A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Macbeth. The student may be asked to write a story, analyse a text or film, or write a poem. Language evolves around constructing and understanding English in written and spoken forms. It typically involves a reading, writing, and speaking exam and focuses on vocabulary, grammar, sentence, and paragraph structure. Students will look at many different types of text, modern, traditional, fiction and non-fiction, and will practice writing in many forms. They will also practice reading to the class and prepare and perform a speech to the class. English GCSE provides skills needed in all aspects of life and a tutor will provide the positivity and encouragement your child needs to succeed. 

Why will a tutor be better than looking at a textbook?

Looking at a textbook is great if you know the basics and what to learn in more depth. But a textbook only provides a certain amount of information. Yes, it gives the main points, the general gist of what they need to know, but when a student has a question, the book will not be able to explain it in a different way in order to help the student understand. Having online tuition with a tutor who can answer their questions will make the student want to learn more. It will make them enjoy a topic they don’t generally like because they feel rewarded when they achieve the grade they want to achieve.

Online learning means we can customise the lessons to the student’s needs, providing more understanding and explanations for topics, we get to know the student, we know what helps them, visual drawings, writing it down, listening etc. On average a student can concentrate on a book for 20 mins before getting distracted, online tuition provides an hour when your student is talking, focused, and concentrated on the task at hand. Furthermore, it allows two-way communication, seeing each other without the hassle of leaving the home, and it builds a rapport between the student and tutor, something you will never get with a textbook. 

Can’t you just learn this stuff online you may ask?

Many may go to Google, Wikipedia, any online resource for an answer. The issue with this is that anyone from anywhere can make something up and write it online. Yes, they may have the answers, but they may not be accurate, they may not be what the GCSE board is looking for. At Discover Tutoring we know the curriculum; we know what the exam boards will be looking for and therefore can provide a much higher chance of achieving the grade than looking somewhere online.

English tutoring is about questioning things, being inquisitive, for example, asking in Romeo and Juliet what does the colour white represent? Or, where does a comma go in a sentence? All these questions allow the student to engage, and being one to one allows the student to ask questions they may feel are too daunting to ask in class. Students learn more through communication, speaking, listening, and writing things down. However, students often get distracted, so having someone to motivate them and set them goals will help them learn more than searching something up on their phone and getting distracted by messages on social media. For your A grade students, we are there to challenge them, to push them to answer even more testing questions and make the student feel ready for their exams and beyond.

Why our tutors are distinguished from others.

Overall, English tutors can help students succeed in their English GCSE because we can provide the resources that will help to get your student to the grade they want to be. Discover Tutoring has some of the best online English tutors, all qualified, some with a degree in English. We have all been DBS checked, so you know your child is in safe hands. We are distinguished and different to other tuition companies, we base it on what the student wants to learn, what you as a parent need us for, and we fit it in around your schedule.

Our education system has changed massively over the years and parents may not be able to help or understand the questions their children are asked; they may feel stressed or even upset themselves for not being able to understand and help their children with their homework or exam prep. This is what Discover Tutoring is for, to take the pressure off of you as a parent, to help the student feel confident walking into their exams, and to impress their teachers when they know the answers in class. Online tuition is a modern-day way in which we can help future generations succeed, and English is something they will need in all aspects of life and their career goals.

Like Shakespeare said, “O this learning, what a thing it is!” William Shakespeare, “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”.

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