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Why Study English With Discover Tutoring

What do I need to study English for, I speak English! Unfortunately, this isn’t a logical argument and students do in fact need to study English. 

In order to see why English is so important, it’s probably best to understand just what is involved in the GCSE English course. First of all, English GCSE’s are split between English Language and Literature. This means studying literature, written texts from historical to modern and in various forms. For example, novels, poetry and classics such as Shakespeare’s most famous plays, Romeo and Juliet and Macbeth! The other part of English GCSE is language, this entails constructing and understanding English in the written and spoken forms. Students will practise writing multiple types of texts from non-fiction to fiction in different tenses and perspectives. Spoken language will also be developed in the form of reading out loud, presenting and responding to questions and taking feedback.

English skills are part of becoming an excellent communicator, a highly desirable quality in the workplace and during higher-level study. Transferability is the name of the game in English GCSE and everything students do during this period will help them to be successful in their later lives. Read more about how an English tutor can help students.

Dexterity in English is vital in all areas from understanding the nuanced language of unavoidable paperwork when they become independent, to making sense of contract language and their obligations in the workplace. Spoken language abilities are also underrated and can be a career-defining feature after a student leaves education. In the simple but relatable case of a job interview, the candidate who is articulate and can understand the requests of interviewers will stand atop the pile and surely become a great success. 

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