Transpiration and Translocation Quiz

Do you know the difference between transpiration and translocation?

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Factors Affecting the Rate of Transpiration

  1. Light Intensity: Higher light intensity increases the rate of transpiration by warming the leaf, which can open the stomata (pores in the leaf) and increase photosynthesis.
  2. Temperature: Higher temperatures can increase the rate of transpiration by causing water to evaporate more rapidly from the leaf surface.
  3. Humidity: Lower humidity levels outside the leaf encourage transpiration, as water vapour diffuses more quickly from an area of higher concentration (inside the leaf) to an area of lower concentration (the drier air outside).
  4. Wind and Air Movement: Increased air movement around the leaf can remove the water-saturated air layer surrounding it, enhancing the transpiration rate. However, very strong winds might lead to stomatal closing as a protective measure, which reduces transpiration.Check out our other quiz on Plant Tissues, Organs and Systems to learn more about plant biology.