Edexcel GCSE Chemistry Paper 2

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Edexcel Chemistry Paper 2

This paper attempts to assess the understanding of GCSE students on a variety of chemistry topics that are covered in the second half of the course. As usual, the overarching goal is to prepare students for leaving school, whether that be to gain employment or to move on to further education. There are some common elements in this paper with paper 1, including atomic structure, the periodic table, ionic bonding, covalent bonding as well as types of substances and their properties. Additionally, both tests cover calculations involving masses

The test includes coverage of some of the important groups in the periodic table such as groups 1, 7 and 0 as well as a look at halogens. Knowledge of rates of reactions is assessed in SC18 alongside heat energy changes in chemical reactions (SC19). SC20 covers the various fuels and combustion, whilst SC21 addresses Earth and atmospheric science, specifically looking at how the atmosphere changes over time and how humans are influencing climate change. Hydrocarbons, alcohols and carboxylic acids are looked at next in SC22 and SC23 respectively. SC24 qualifies students’ learning on polymers and how they are used along with their properties. SC25 tests for knowledge of tests for positive and negative ions. Finally, SC26 tests for understanding the bulk and surface properties of matter, choosing materials, composites and nanoparticles. 

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