Edexcel Combined Science Paper 1: Biology 1

Mock test. 1 hour and 10 minutes. 60 marks available.

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What does Edexcel Combined Science Paper 1: Biology 1 cover?

In this paper, a student’s knowledge and understanding of the fundamentals of biology are tested in order to gauge their preparedness for the GCSE. These fundamentals are essential for understanding the rest of biology as they underpin each topic. An understanding of cells, for instance, can help students to make sense of genetic modification and the role of bacterial cells as vectors for DNA implantation. Alongside paper 2, the aim is for students to develop a baseline in biology which will allow them to appreciate the natural world and if they so choose, move on to in-depth study at A-Level and beyond.

This paper also covers the basics of cells, growth and the Nervous System in section CB2. CB3 covers genetics which involved an understanding of meiosis, DNA, alleles inheritance, gene mutation and variation amongst populations. CB4 includes evolution by natural selection and also genetic modification. The evidence for human evolution is described, alongside the systems for classifying organisms and also the potential applications for selective breeding and genetic modification. The final section CB5 covers the concepts of health and disease in detail while considering the impacts of disease on different levels of society. Communicable and non-communicable diseases are introduced, along with pathogens and our bodies’ physical, chemical and immune defences. Antibiotics and other treatment options are also introduced.

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