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What is Maths?

Mathematicians study numbers, formulas, related structures, shapes, spaces, and quantities, and how these relate to each other. Although the field is extremely diverse, there is no general consensus about its scope or epistemological status. Its main goals include the discovery of patterns, the creation of useful tools, and the improvement of human society. Mathematics is an integral part of the human experience. The most basic concept of mathematics is the study of rules. It is also the study of mathematical relationships. Some mathematicians like to compare maths problems to music, but many students have trouble understanding how these problems are connected. So, how do mathematicians make the connections between two seemingly unrelated concepts? If you enjoy solving mathematical problems, consider becoming a maths teacher.

Why is Maths important?

Mathematicians have made abstract structures and the creation of these structures possible. While this is not an easy career path, it is a relevant field to study. In fact, maths teachers may even find it interesting. But, if you have the patience to teach math, there are lots of benefits to this career. In addition to being useful, mathematics can also be an exciting career choice. Mathematics has a long list of uses and applications. Though some areas are more useful than others which may be purely theoretical without any known applications. Some areas of mathematics have a long history and are often the key to many innovations through their links with science and engineering. When you’re thinking about the future, you’ll find countless jobs that involve mathematical skills, tell yourself that when you start to feel like it’s not worth your time. Of course, most people feel the same way but a few of us really love maths and see its potential in the World, that’s why we continue to work hard and achieve our best. 

Why do I have to do Maths when I will never us it?

The importance of mathematics is often underestimated. For most people, it happens in the background. While banks, supermarkets, fashion outlets and hairdressers line the streets, there are no mathematicians offices, filled with workers desperately trying to keep up with their calculations. What is misunderstood is that maths is a necessary part of our everyday lives. What does I squared times X squared equal? Who cares right? Actually, if you think about it a bit more, you will understand that maths is all around us and we use it to a varying degree every single day. 

If you want to learn more about maths reach out and maybe we can help. Alternatively, you might want to take a break and look at a science quiz. Either way, have fun and work hard!

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