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What is science about?

Science is the study or investigation of natural phenomena. It’s a systematic exercise that gathers information by testing and arranging observations and making predictions. Science is distinguished from other learning methods by its pursuit of knowledge. Science is fundamental to human advancement and development. It is the process by which knowledge about the world is gathered and evaluated. Science seeks to provide the most accurate explanations of the processes of the universe.

Why is science relevent to everyday life?

Scientists are often pictured in remote labs wearing white coats, outside of everyday life. Actually, science has many applications beyond the lab. Scientists can help people of all ages understand the world around them by using actions that are similar or identical to scientific methods. This is how we started out as babies. We explored the world and began completely from scratch. If this doesn’t intrigue you, keep in mind that scientists have to be able to comprehend awesome processes such as evolution.

Science Quiz

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Sometimes it’s easy to get bored while studying. Or maybe you feel like you’re not learning enough. Everybody feels this way at one time or another. This is why we created these science quizzes for young students. This quiz is a great way of getting a taste of what you have learned about science. 

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