Edexcel GCSE Physics Paper 1

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Edxcel Physics Paper 1

The first physics paper covers the introductory material and has a lot of common topics with Edexcel Combined Science Paper 5: Physics 1. This begins with motion and forces, including the basic metrics of acceleration, mass, weight etc. as well as Newton’s Laws and more. Physics paper 1 aims to equip students with the knowledge to support them through A level and also help them to succeed in other mathematics heavy subjects or careers. 

SP3 looks over the points of energy storage, transferring energy and how efficient these processes are. Additionally, the application, as well as the pros and cons of renewable and non-renewable energy resources, are addressed. SP4 and SP5 tests for students’ learnings on waves (including the electromagnetic spectrum), their characteristics and their uses and dangers. Radioactivity is covered in SP6 which is a large topic covering the basics of atoms with a heavy crossover with chemistry topics. After these crossovers, it looks at the basics of radioactivity, its various functions in society and how it can be a source of energy in the Universe. SP7 (Astronomy) is unique to the Physics course and does not appear in Edexcel Combined Science. The astronomy course addresses the basic features of the universe and various processes and how we have come to understand them. The Solar System, Gravity and Orbits, and the Origin of the Universe are a few of the topics students learn about in SP7. 

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