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Why Do a Solar System Quiz?

This Solar System Quiz will test your knowledge of our Solar System and you will surely learn something interesting to share with your friends and family! Learning about science isn’t just an academic exercise, it can also help you to contextualise the world around you and apply logic to everyday situations. That is why after all, we are taught science at school so that we are able to use our brains to think and make decisions that will help us in the future. We hope you will enjoy this science quiz and if you want more, check out our other Science Quizzes!

How many Jupiters can fit in the Sun?

Approximately, 980 Jupiters can fit in the Sun. According to National Geographic, the Sun has a volume of about 1,409,272,569,059,860,000 cubic kilometres and Jupiter has a volume of 1,431,281,810,739,360 cubic kilometers ( The volume of the sun divided by the volume of Jupiter equals 984.6.

We hope you will enjoy our Solar System Quiz!

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