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What kind of components are there?

There are basic components that most people are familiar with, these include things like bulbs and LED’s for lighting, motors for controlling the movement of objects and ammeters for measuring the electrical current in a circuit. Then there are maintenance components such as diodes which control the direction of flow and resistors which provide a constant resistance that may be required in a circuit. There are even more exotic examples such as LDR’s or light-dependent resistors which change the amount of resistance applied to a circuit based on the amount of light being received. Thermistors are another fascinating example of safety and circuit management equipment that increases the resistance as temperature rises.

What are components for in modern life?

Some components are simply there to make sure that circuits are safe by ensuring that if there was a fault to develop, there would be no risks to human health. The humble fuse is a brilliant example of safety equipment that likely saves lives every year and also saves untold amounts of damage and costs associated with damage to components and machinery through overcurrent. Other basic devices such as LED’s and other kinds of bulbs allow us to use the nighttime to be productive whilst our ancestors would have been limited in their activities. Sports stadiums for example with floodlights allow us to play throughout the darkness and cars are able to drive in remote areas without incident. All thanks to the circuit and its components.

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