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What can Discover Tutoring Offer?

1. We offer the best online tutoring for GCSE, KS3 and below which is available by Bristol tutors.

2. We specialise in online tutoring for science, maths and English so that we can provide the best possible experience.

3. Our rates are competitive at £30 per hourly session and our tutors are fully checked with an Enhanced DBS so that you can be sure your child is safe and sound.

4. Our tutors also have trained up to the Master’s Degree level in their field or are qualified teachers holding QTS status.

How do our Bristol Tutors Teach?

We take the unique approach of inquiry-based learning, where it is appropriate, in order to maximise the engagement with students. This involves active discussion and asking questions so that the student can learn to articulate their thoughts and ideas, as well as explore topics with logical steps in mind. Though the GCSE exams are largely memory tests, one of the best ways to learn the material is to understand it deeply, which is our goal with our Bristol tutors. 

We cover all areas of Bristol and you can have a private tutor teach your child from the comfort of your home using the latest information and software to guide their experience. Bristol tuition doesn’t need to cost the World and that is why we charge a competitive rate whilst also providing good tutoring jobs to our maths, English and science tutors. We assess secondary school students when we begin tutoring to find out where their strengths and weaknesses are, then we can make a plan of action to help students to reach their academic goals and targets. 

Why Choose us over Another Provider?

We believe that we offer excellent value for money and high-quality services. Additionally, we have personally seen the progress of students who work with us, both on the lower and upper ends of the scale. It is a remarkable opportunity for students who have supportive parents that care about their education, and we take our responsibility very seriously. We meticulously plan sessions according to our identified targets, whilst paying close attention to the curriculum. We have experience teaching content from all of the major exam boards and to let you in on a secret, they are very similar indeed. In fact, the government controls the content which appear in exam boards and the only major differences is the packaging and arrangement of the material into sections and modules.

Why Online Only?

We provide online tuition exclusively as it has reached the point of parity with face-to-face tuition. This means that the experience overall is similar but it has fewer disadvantages. With modern technology, we are able to deliver a comparable experience, whilst keeping tutors safe and saving their precious time which would otherwise be spent travelling between houses. Tutors have a limited amount of work hours when students aren’t at school and online tuition is the best overall option.

What is Our Process for Helping Students?

We take a flexible approach to teaching students which depends on the goals of the tuition. Sometimes a confidence boost is what’s needed, and sometimes students need a more in-depth crash course in preparation for GCSE exams. Depending on the targets and aims, we design bespoke tuition plans, which may look somewhat different. For example, a confidence-booster for a maths student might entail reviewing lower-level material and having them answer lots and lots of practice questions. This approach allows students to feel like they are consistently getting things right and then this confidence can be applied to new learning. The newly found confidence can inspire students to try harder and gives them the motivation to study.

What Subjects do we Offer?

We currently focus on maths and science and we help students primarily at GCSE and KS3 level, although we are equipped to help younger students as well.

Since we mainly deal with these two core subjects, we consider ourselves experts and our Bristol tutors are specialised in their chosen field. 

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How can I get in Touch?

You can get in touch by filling out the contact form above, emailing us or calling us. If you would like to know more about Discover Tutoring, check out our FAQ page or maybe have a look at our blog post “Is GCSE Tutoring Worth It?”.